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Features That We Would Like to See in Word Games

Rate this Article Word games are certainly addictive but there’s no doubting the fact that there’s always room for improvement and in this article we’ll be talking about features that we think would elevate this genre to a whole new level. Word Games Fun - Features That We Would Like to See in Word Games

First and foremost, a bigger variety of power-ups is something that this genre is in dire need of. As it stands right now, word games that have power-ups only have one or two actual viable power-ups that players can use and this is a pretty limited amount of options to have. This might not be an issue at first but, as players progress through the game and encounter difficult situations, the lack of impactful power-ups can definitely be felt. Simply adding more power-ups to these games is a great way to improve them. Of course it’s worth mentioning that simply adding one or two more power-ups is more than enough and developers should definitely refrain from overdoing it because an incredibly large quantity of available power-ups would make these games a bit too easy.

Adding more social features is something that’s almost guaranteed to make these games significantly more enjoyable. Right now, most word games only have pretty small features like letting players talk to one another but if developers were to implement things like the ability to play games against other live players, it’d make the games a lot more fun. There are even a few word games out there nowadays that let players play against one another but, if this concept was made more widespread, it’d be great for the genre as a whole. Other than players playing against one another, there are also a variety of other social features that could be implemented into these games.

Many players will agree that a lot of word games would be great if they were improved visually. There are tons of word games out there nowadays that have extremely addictive gameplay but players still can’t get into them because they simply don’t look the part. Even simple visual enhancement like the addition of a few new animations or the use of a brighter color schemes would make these games a lot better to look at and, thereby, a lot more fun to play as well.

The absence of any real game mode choices is also something that’s going to hurt this genre in the long run. Right now, most word games follow the same gameplay formula that’s been around for years and while these games are quite fun to play, this formula is bound to get old eventually. Adding new game modes that change the core gameplay would definitely be great for this genre as they’d make things a lot more refreshing.

All things considered, the aforementioned features are those that would elevate the genre of word games to a whole new level if they were ever implemented. However, even in their current state, word games are quite fun to play and you’ll have a great time if you give them a shot.

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