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The best word games for your mobile phone

Rate this Article Love playing word games? Boy! We've got an entire lineup of the best word games for you! Word Games Fun - The best word games for your mobile phone

Whether you’re partial to a bit of scrabble GO or you enjoy a game of Words With Friends, word games are a great way of keeping us entertained. They’re also a vitally important tool in terms of keeping our brains active, on top of providing an educational aspect too.

The gaming genre, on the whole, is booming, with word games playing its part. The Playstation 4 still has a massive community of gamers behind it playing creations like Fortnite, alongside the emergence of handheld devices such as the Nintendo Switch and even our mobile phones, where playing the likes of PUBG Mobile or divine slots at @casinocom is proving particularly popular these days. The choice is vast, though. There’s a game out there for everyone, on a wide variety of devices too. Word games will always be our main bag, though. They provide good, honest fun and tend to be a tad easier to grasp than some of the other aforementioned creations.

So, with gaming on a mobile phone becoming a common occurrence in 2020, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on some of the best word games for your mobile.

Bonza Word Puzzle


Bonza means first-rate or excellent in Australia, so calling a word game with it in the title is certainly a bold move. Thankfully, it’s one which has paid off. Bonza Word Puzzle is a fantastic game. An interesting hybrid between crossword and puzzle genres, Bonza Word Puzzle gives players a clue and then a range of jumbled up letters which, from there, you have to arrange the different words by connecting the puzzle. An entertaining and occasionally tough game, this kid-friendly creation is well worth playing.

Crossword Puzzle Free

With a bunch of clues to help you with your answers, Crossword Puzzle Free is a crossword puzzle app full of endless fun. With easy, medium, and hard difficulties the game can be incredibly tough at times too, which makes it the ideal release for avid crossword players. A neat addition for the beginners out there, though, is how the game gives players hints and controls for easily removing mistakes and the like. Another handy feature is the fact that the game can be enjoyed offline too, making it ideal for any long-distance journeys.

Jumbline 2

Word search games are incredibly popular, which is why a word search game with an injection of colour sounds like a brilliant idea. That is exactly what Jumbline 2 provides, alongside gameplay which isn’t necessarily original but it’s certainly fun. A little bit like Boggle and Scrabble mixed together, Jumbline 2 gives you a set of seven letters which you have to mix up and then form various words with. The game is completely free too, which is always a nice touch. If you aren’t a fan of American spellings for words, though, then you might want to avoid this one.


Typeshift isn’t free, but you certainly get what you pay for, which is a game you’ll struggle to put down. With rows of letters, you’re tasked with moving the rows up and down to form different words, which will get harder to find the further you advance through the game. With solid controls and a helpful hint system, Typeshift is a pleasure to play.

Word Yarn

Consisting of a series of letters with the aim being to fill in the crossword section above, Word Yarn is a mix of Boggle and a crossword puzzle. A child-friendly creation, the game gets harder the further you progress, although some of you might find it all a bit too easy.

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