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Common Mistakes That Players Make in Word Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Although word games may seem simple and starightforward, many players are unknowingly losing points unnecessarily, making that 3-star rating quite hard to get. In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the more common mistakes so you can avoid making them the next time you play these games. Wort Games Fun - Common Mistakes That Players Make in Word Games

Word Games might seem pretty simple and easy on paper but players actually make a lot of mistakes when playing them that cost them a lot of points and even an entire level sometimes. In this article we’ll be highlighting some of the more common mistakes so you can avoid making them the next time you play these games.

1: Forming the first word they see

Perhaps the biggest mistake players make in word games is that they create a word pretty much immediately as they think of it. Rushing to create words often causes players to lose a lot of points because they end up making smaller words even though a larger combination was possible. We recommend resisting the urge to form a word as soon as you see it and waiting a little bit to see if a stronger word can somehow be formed. You should only make small words if you’re absolutely sure that there’s no other option.

2: Not managing time properly

Players are often deceived by the amount of time that they have to complete a level in word games. Most games give players at least ten minutes to complete each level and although this might seem like a lot of time, you’d be surprised how quickly it passes when you’re actually playing the game. It’s extremely important to keep track of time and form words as quickly as possible so you don’t fall short in the end. If you end up running out of time you’ll have to play the entire level from the very beginning and this is obviously something that no one wants to do.

3: Not realizing that they can use the same letter tile again

One of the most common misconceptions that players have in word games is that once a letter tile has been used, it cannot be used to form another word. This is actually quite wrong since players can actually use these tiles again by creating a word around them. This misconception is extremely common and ends up costing players a ton of points because they don’t make the most out of their tiles. We highly recommend trying your best to make multiple words out of the same tile because this will ultimately score you a lot of points that would otherwise have been lost.

4: Inefficient use of power-ups

Just because a power-up becomes available for use doesn’t mean that you should use it at that instant. Power-ups should almost always be reserved for cases in which players simply do not have any other options at their disposal. Power-ups are extremely impactful when used properly but if you keep using them unnecessarily simply for the fun of it then you’ll probably end up losing a ton of points.

All said and done, we can say with complete certainty that if you avoid making the aforementioned mistakes when playing word games, you’ll play a lot better and will reach much higher scores.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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