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Facebook Word 2D Scrabble
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Play with words on the original word game you know and love, now better than ever.

Who will you play? Challenge friends on Facebook, Android, and iOS! Find an instant opponent with a single click.

Check your words with the built-in official SCRABBLE dictionary.

Scrabble is the classic word game, and this Facebook version follows the same ideals and rules as the much loved game. Using the letters provided you need to make the highest scoring words that you can. Starting with the well known board, and 7 letters you take it in turns to place a word on the table, with at least 1 letter in your word being on the board already.

This version of the game will pit you against your friends, or you can in a random match against someone you don’t know. The game continues until there are no more letters and/or both players pass. There is also the option to play up to 3 games at once so you can challenge all of your friends at the same time.

There is a built in chat option, and a dictionary for you to be able to check words, it won’t give words to you but you can enter a word and it will say if its legal. The dictionary does have a list of all available 2 letter words, you choose a letter and all of the options appear in the dictionary window. Anything more than 2 letters will not be generated by the dictionary, but you can confirm a word exists and is legal.

Each time you win a game you are awarded with coins, these coins can be used to purchase upgrades to your game and for different boards and letter tiles. The coins are also available to block adverts from 1 week to 3 months. You can purchase the coins through Facebook for real money too.

Scrabble is really easy to play, the game screen is simple and straightforward, with scores automatically counting up and the built in dictionary it makes for a simple play style that leaves you free to concentrate on your word games. The ability to play multiple people at once, and no time limit or countdown means that you can play at your own pace. SCRABBLE Summary