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donderdag, november 29, 2018

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Fill-In Crosswords

Fill-In Crosswords: Easy mode Gameplay in Fill-In Crosswords Fill-In Crosswords: Daily puzzles Fill in the crossword puzzle with the correct words.

Sharpen your vocabulary and learn new words.

Have fun playing more than 100 different levels of crosswords puzzles
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zondag, november 25, 2018

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Word Insight

Word Insight Kitten Word Insight Baseball Gear Word Insight Horse and Rider Look at the pictures, and find the right answer.

Collect coins and do more in the game.

Progress through the levels and unlock special content.
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woensdag, november 21, 2018

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Spelling Master

Spelling Master Track Progress Spelling Master Share Score Spelling Master Guess Correct Spelling Test your spelling knowledge in this fast-paced game.

Play different types of spelling mini-games.

Share your score on Facebook and climb the leaderboard.
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woensdag, november 21, 2018

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Word Search: Hidden Words

Word Search: Hidden Words gameplay Word Search: Hidden Words finding words Word Search: Hidden Words level selection Find all the words you can in this exciting word finding game that’ll have you engaged for hours upon hours.

Locate the words as quickly as you can to earn additional points in each level.

Collect hidden words in order to acquire bonus coins that can help you out quite a bit.
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zaterdag, november 17, 2018

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Word Fire

Word Fire Guess the Words Word Fire Complete Chapters Word Fire Collect Bonuses Test your English spelling knowledge by filling in the boxes.

Start playing on the more advanced levels.

Use various power-ups to speed up your gameplay.
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dinsdag, november 13, 2018

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Hidden Wordz

Hidden Wordz gameplay Hidden Wordz finding words Hidden Wordz collecting bonuses Push your vocabulary to its limits in this exciting word finding game you’ll be able to sink countless hours into.

Complete multitudes of challenging yet engaging levels as you progress through the game.

Use the power-ups for some additional assistance whenever you’re stuck.
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vrijdag, november 9, 2018

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: CrossCraze

CrossCraze gameplay CrossCraze finding words CrossCraze starting off Test your vocabulary in this exceptional crossword puzzle game that doesn’t disappoint at all.

Utilize the tiles at your disposal to make the longest words possible in order to get more points.

Enjoy two different game modes, each with its own distinct rules and regulations.
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maandag, november 5, 2018

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Word Stacks

Word Stacks Find Words Word Stacks Collect Rewards Word Stacks Play Hard Test your vocabulary skills in this simple but addictive word game.

Collect rewards each time you complete the levels.

Choose your themes to make the gameplay more engaging.
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