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понедельник, февраля 19, 2018

Find all the Words in Wordscapes!

Find all the Words in Wordscapes! Aside from the gorgeous backgrounds, Wordscapes is word puzzle game that will actually put your vocabulary and word-finding skills to the test! Читать Дальше
среда, февраля 14, 2018

Новая Игра Добавлена: English Guess the Phrase

English Guess the Phrase: Meaning Hangman-like gameplay in English Guess the Phrase English Guess the Phrase: Guessing idioms Guess idioms or proverbs through a fun hangman-like gameplay

Use the meaning of the mystery phrase as a clue to make educated guesses

Challenge yourself to guess more obscure phrases by upping the difficulty
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суббота, февраля 10, 2018

Новая Игра Добавлена: WordTower

WordTower: Gameplay Different stages to unlock in WordTower WordTower: Finding words Search for the correct words for every level

Explore many differently-themed stages as you progress

Collect specific words for your collection
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вторник, февраля 6, 2018

Новая Игра Добавлена: Pictionary

Pictionary: Opening chests Magic wheel in Pictionary Pictionary: Gameplay Do your best drawing of the word card you’ve drawn or guess other people’s drawings

Compete with others in Think Fast by guessing the word within the shortest time

Upgrade your drawing tools and unlock new brushes and colors so you can draw better
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пятница, февраля 2, 2018

Новая Игра Добавлена: Quiz Tower

Quiz Tower Win Rounds Quiz Tower Enter Show Quiz Tower Run a Race Bring your general knowledge to a test in this fun social game.

Compete in a TV-show format or run the race.

Get your friends to play the game with you.
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понедельник, января 29, 2018

Новая Игра Добавлена: CodyCross

CodyCross starting off CodyCross finding words CodyCross gameplay Guess all the words in this top notch word finding game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Choose a category of your preferences from the multitudes of options available.

Utilize hints whenever you get stuck to get some much needed assistance when finding difficult words.
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четверг, января 25, 2018

Новая Игра Добавлена: Wazasound

Wazasound Compete with Other Players Wazasound Choose Categories Wazasound Make Avatar Test your music genius by competing in different rounds.

Compete and meet new friends during the game.

Choose from a variety of song genres.
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воскресенье, января 21, 2018

Новая Игра Добавлена: Wordspace

Wordspace: Gameplay Level selection in Wordspace Wordspace: Finding 2 words Connect letters in the grid to form words

Find all the words needed to complete the level

Play the game in 11 different languages other than English
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